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Jeff Henke - DrumsJeff Henke, drummer for Without Annette band

Jeff has been playing drums since he was 13 years old. He got his first drum set at a local music store after begging his parents relentlessly. He did his best to teach himself the basics, but after awhile he needed to take lessons. He bounced around between teachers until he got frustrated with how BORING it all was becoming. That’s when a friend of his told him about a really good local band that had a great horn section and as it turned out, a really great drummer. His friend was good friends with one of the horn players that she met at the U of M, so she introduced Jeff to him at one of their gigs. The horn player was working on his PhD in music and was currently learning drums from a percussionist in the Minnesota Orchestra, and he recommended Jeff give him a call. Long story short, Jeff spent the next 6 years taking lessons from this great teacher. Most of the ½-hour long lessons were about life and having fun and of course, drumming. He has spent a fair amount of time teaching as well. One night at a local club he was listening to a great band and, as fate would have it, he met up with the drummer from the same band the horn player was from years earlier. The drummer asked him if he was still playing, which he was, and wanted to know if he could still read and write drum notation which he could, and he asked if Jeff would partner up with him and teach drums on Saturday afternoons at a local music shop. He didn’t hesitate and joined in. They had a great time teaching their students and each other all sorts of different chops. The one thing anyone who has ever taught will realize in short order is that if you want to learn a lot more about something, try and teach it to someone else. Looking back, this was a great experience for him and one that has helped him play the way he does. He has been in and out of a few bands over the last 37 years and he has seen many players come and go, but luckily for him, the musicians that he has remained in contact with have become life long friends whether they are playing together or not.
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