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Jack Intveld - Keyboards, Guitar, VocalsJack Intveld at keyboards for Without Annette band

Jack was born and raised in the Twin Cities. He spent his Kindergarten year in the Netherlands where his father was an exchange teacher. He spoke fluent (Kindergarten) Dutch when he returned, but completely forgot the language during the following year. He started playing cello in the school orchestra at age 9, but gave it up in High School because the orchestra director bugged him. At the same time, Jack started playing classical music and occasionally attending Minnesota Orchestra concerts with his parents. Then he started trumpet at 10, but gave it up in Junior High when he had to choose between the trumpet or cello and started guitar later that year. His first attempt at band was in 8th grade. As a sophmore his band actually got hired several times. Jack listened mostly to bubble-gum pop music until he bought a copy of Yes' Fragile at age 13, upon which he became an instant progressive rock fan. He also made an "out of print" demo recording at a local studio during his senior year of High School. Jack started playing again when Jeff Henke's March '94 party lead to the formation of Common Ground. They disbanded in '98, following which Jeff Wood, Jeff Henke and Jack made a few home recordings until they started a new band (which became Without Annette) in '99 with three other ex-Common Ground members. His interests are in music, science and politics. The music of Yes, Genesis, and similar bands from that era (early '70s) are still his favorites.
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