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Dave Dornan - Bass, VocalsDave Dornan plays bass guitar for Without Annette band

Dave grew up in Phoenix and began playing guitar when he was 13. At that time his main influences were the melodies, harmonies, and song production values of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. As he got farther into the guitar, he found himself playing the bass lines and becoming fascinated with how the bass supported the chord structure, the harmonies, and provided the pulse of the song. He picked up his first bass at age 15 and started listening to the Who and John Entwistle, Yes and Chris Squier, and Motown and James Jamerson. At age 17 he began writing songs and formed his first band, Noiz. Noiz played original music and covers from the Who, Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, and others. After leaving Noiz, he wanted to move in a more pop/rock vein and formed Les Jeunes. This band played originals and covers from Squeeze, Split Enz, and Oingo Boingo. After Les Jeunes broke up, he moved into a more roots rock genre and began writing songs with guitars and harmonies as the main sound. He formed the Squares to put a sound to this idea and in 3 years they became the "premier power-pop trio of the '80's" in the Phoenix area. After the Squares split, as all great bands do due to "creative differences", Dave played briefly with the Feedbags. After that, he finished school and, ahem, grew up. After moving to Minnesota in 2004, one of his neighbors talked about this great band she knew, but wasn’t playing anywhere because they didn’t have a bass player. Dave's wife mentioned that he played bass. After overcoming the shock that a bass player could live in Eden Prairie, Jim called Dave to see if he was interested. Et voila!
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