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Without Annette came into being in its first incarnation late in 1999. They started as a four-piece band made up of members from the defunct group Common Ground, another local Twin Cities cover band. They got together with a few simple goals in mind:

  • to play music they liked and felt others would enjoy
  • to play 1-2 gigs a month
  • mostly to have fun

After compiling enough material for a show, they were fortunate enough to have their first gig in June, 2000 at Bunker’s in Minneapolis, a very well known local music club. It was on a Tuesday night, but still a great place to debut. This show was somewhat responsible for the band name. They needed a name to promote the gig, but couldn’t seem to agree on any of the many suggestions. Then one night at practice just a couple of weeks before the show, while rehearsing a new song, Jim, the lead singer, said "I'm going to try this one without a net", meaning without his lyric cheat sheet. Suddenly a bulb went off and with changing "a net" to "Annette", the band name was born. There never was any Annette, but the questions about her keep coming. They went on to play many more local venues including Mayslack's, Dean's Tavern, The FireHouse, BrewBaker's, Tom Reid's, as well as various private functions. This lasted until October, 2004 when the original bass player, Jeff Wood, decided to leave the band to pursue other musical interests. The rest of the band decided a break was not a bad idea, so they took some time away from the music business. Finally in mid-2006 the remaining band members (Jim, Jack, and Jeff) got restless and decided to look for a new bass player. They found Dave to take over on bass, and thought a second guitar and more vocals would help as well; enter Eric. Now they had bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, harmonica, sax, and four singing voices. The first gig for this new arrangement of Without Annette was in December, 2006 at Schuller’s in Golden Valley, a fine roadhouse. They continue to play there regularly, and anywhere else that will have them. Their song list has been called an eclectic collection of music. It covers rock, blues, and R&B as far back as the sixties up to the present. This is a result of their different influences and backgrounds as musicians, and a desire to keep things varied and interesting. It's all cover songs, all danceable, and all fun. Check out the song index for more details.

For a bunch of guys who have careers, families and responsibilities, they put out a good product. Another real blessing of this band is that when they play, most of their friends come out to hear them. This turns into a real social gathering where everyone can catch up on each other's lives and share some laughs, drinks…and of course, good music. Without Annette can't say enough about how much support they get from these friends and faithful Without Annette fans. They are the best!
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